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Have you ever wondered what you would wish for if you had three wishes?  Let me tell you my story.

          It all started last year.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Some of my friends, Billy, Aaron, and Eric, and I were out in the desert.  We had been walking all day and were hot.  Billy and Aaron were crawling through the sand acting like they were in a war.  (I haven't figured that out yet)  Aaron got up and yelled, "WATER!"   We took off running toward the water.  Billy jumped.  SPLASH!  He landed in the sand.  Eric took a big drink but instead of water head got a mouth full of sand.  What we thought was a pool of water was actually a mirage.  We laughed our heads off.

          As the day went on Eric ask, "Why am I walking when we have camel?"  I pointed out that we only had one and why should he be the only one to ride?  I said, "If anyone rides it's going to be me," and climbed up on the camel's back.  The camel had a different idea.  He threw me off and when I landed on the ground, he spit on me.  Now I do not know if you have ever been spit on by a camel before but trust me it is not a pleasant experience.  We all agreed that we would not ride this camel.


          The sun begins to set and Aaron thought we should camp for the night.  We all agreed.  I started looking around because the sand looked strange here.  It looked as if there was something underneath it.  I saw something sticking out of the sand but before I could check it out Eric yelled, "Foods done!"   It was almost completely dark now so I decided to wait for morning to investigate.  I had to take the first watch so I built a bigger fire.

          The next morning when I got up, I went to check out the thing I had saw sticking out of the ground and it was gone.  I went back to camp to get the metal detector.  When I turned it on over the spot that I had saw the object all I heard was "beep...beep...beep.... beep".  The metal detector went crazy.  I call the other guys over and we began to dig.

          After about three hours of decent digging we found something that looked like a metal door.   There were some symbols on the door.  Eric, who is an expert in strange symbols, translated them for us.  It said, "ANYONE WHO ENTERS HERE SHALL PERISH".  Now this made us a little nervous but our quest for gold was stronger.  We pried the door open and an arrow shot out and gave Billy a haircut.  We laughed.  Well, everyone except Billy thought it was funny.  The door opened into a large chamber but to get there we had to go straight down.  We tied the rope to the camel and tossed it down. 


          Once in the room below we found a dimly lit passageway.  There were also more symbols on the wall.  They translated into "This realm is the tomb of Princess Corrhenia".  There was a picture of her on the wall with a huge jewel in it.   Aaron began loosening the jewel with his pocketknife.  I did not think this was a very good idea.  I continued to look through the things scattered about the floor.  I found a small golden bottle.  I did not think it would be worth much but I put it in my backpack to check out later.  The ground beneath my feet began to shake.  I turned and saw that Aaron had removed the jewel and apparently released some kind of trap.  The walls were moving in towards us.  We had not noticed that the ceiling had large spikes on it.  Now they were moving quickly towards us.  I yelled to the others to get out of here.  We all began to climb up the rope as quickly as we could.  When I got to the top, Billy and Eric were still too far down in the passageway to make it in time.  I ran to the camel, jumped on, and slapped it on the rear.  The camel took off running pulling Billy and Eric up out of the hole just before the ground caved in.  The chamber was sealed off forever never to be opened again.


          Later that night while in my tent, I remembered the bottle I had put in my backpack.  I got it out and you will never believe what happened.  When I rubbed the bottle to get the dust off, it seemed as if there was smoke moving around inside it.  I popped the cork out and this huge cloud of blue smoke filled the tent.  Then I heard the most beautiful voice.  "I shall grant you three wishes master," said the beautiful genie I had released from the bottle.  I stumbled backward wondering if what I was seeing could be real.  Then it came to me.  I realized what my first wish would be...........But then that's another story.


By Justin