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Do I believe in aliens?  The answer would have to be yes. If you look at all the evidence you almost have to believe in alien life. How else would you explain the face on Mars? I don't believe it could be natural.  If you look at the details it looks almost human. Someone or something had to make it.





     I believe alien life forms are studying us. There have been all kinds of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. Some of these reports are probably not true, but some could be.


      There have also been reports by astronauts of alien craft sightings. Ancient Indian and Egyptian stories tell of visitors from the skies. These could have been alien spacecraft and even alien beings.


     Also you have to think about how big space is. There are other galaxies out in space and there could be a planet just like Earth. If there is another planet like that, don't you think there would be life there, too?


When I read the stories of the Roswell crash and the alien autopsy, of crop circles, and alien abductions it makes me wonder if aliens are all around us.  How would we really know?  And who know what plants or animals could have been seeded here on Earth by the aliens. 


There are ancient mysteries like the pyramids of Egypt that some people believe were built by aliens or alien architects.  There have been too many UFO sightings and alien encounters to not believe that there is something or someone out there.  Some of them are unbelievable but others just cannot be explained.



I watched a show on television where a man

was abducted by aliens, married a female,

and returned to Earth.  Who knows the aliens

maybe your own parents?


By Justin