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This is Joshua.  He is 12 years old.  He really likes sports.  Basketball is his sport of choice and we cannot keep his from dribbling or tossing a ball around constantly.



On July 1st this summer we were given a puppy by our neighbor.   Her mother had been killed and she looked like she was no more than 2days old.  Now the last thing we needed was another pet but she was definitely dehydrated and needed our help.  I took on the responsibility of taking care of the puppy for the next few days but because of my work schedule it ultimately fell on Joshua to take care of her.  He took to her right away and soon she became Joshua’s puppy.  We name her Baby Bear at first but as she grew she was Little Bear, and then Bear dog, and now she will answer to anything with Bear or Baby in it.


Here’s some pictures of her as she grew this summer under Joshua’s care.


This was on the 4th day we had her & she’s still pretty small.

This is what inspired the name “Baby Bear”.

23 days old

First real meal.  She wore more than she ate.

Now it’s time to sleep it off.

8/22/01 Growing fast.

Getting to be more than a handful.

9/04/01 Bear inspects the deck we’re building.

What can I say….I timed this picture just perfect.  “What a difference ears make!”


And finally one last picture…..Joshua and his “Bear”